Olive Wood Crosses

The spiritual element of these beautiful Comfort Crosses, made of Olive Wood from Bethlehem where Jesus was born, provides comfort and hope to many.

Designed to wear, or to hold in the hand, the colour, grain and texture of Olive Trees is an ideal material for producing Comfort Crosses. The hand crafted crosses are supplied unvarnished to allow the wood to absorb your own natural oils, which results in a uniquely coloured Olive Wood Comfort Cross just for YOU.

The Olive Tree is native to the Holy Land, has grown there for over 6,000 years and been the symbol of peace since the time of Noah, as well as providing food, fuel and timber. As a carpenter Jesus would have used Olive Wood in his work.
The wood is sourced to ensure no damage is caused as only sprouts from older trees and pruning from younger ones is used.